Graphic & Interface Designer

Specializing in web graphics, interface design, and online marketing.

From concept to implementation

My goal when designing an interface is to bringing together the functional and creative into one concise experience. A functional website does not necessarily mean a standard approach or a conservative design. Often I recommend a focus on developing rich, vibrant media that engages the user without limiting their ability to explore and understand the content.

During the planning phase audience and market research, as well as sitemap architecture gives insight into the functional requirements of the interface and assists us with finding the balance between usable and beautiful.

Interface that communicates

The internet is an evolving medium where users are quickly tuning out the flashing “buy now” buttons and are basing their decisions on quality information supporting the purchase.

Creating a smooth transition between the information on your website and a “call-to-action” such as “buy now” or “sign up” is a delicate and challenging process. Our approach to interface design is unique in this respect, we believe in creating a very high caliber user experience that inspires the user to explore.

Creating a meaningful experience

Highly interactive design are my favourite to tackle. For clients in the adventure tourism industry, developing these kinds of immersive websites, rich with photos and storytelling has been a key to success.

Bringing the user into the nitty-gritty experience of a companies services can greatly enhance a potential customers appreciation for the product and company at large.