Web Consultant

Specializing in consulting with organizations to problem solve, strategize, and project manage  web marketing processes.

Where the pixel meets the screen:

Planning a website design brings together marketing, design, and functionality into one concise experience. All of these components need to be considered and seamlessly combined to create a meaningful and visually rich user experience. I enjoy immensely tackling these challenges and working alongside a marketing team to bring their concepts to the screen. As a web consultant, my primary role is to assist with organizing and documentation the needs and requirement of the project. Following this process, I can assist with coordinating and building out the choosen plan. Find out more about my web development services.



Working with Startup ventures:

My relationship with my clients is to always make recommendations that guarantee immediate market return. I have a great deal of experience working with emerging companies and organizations, reviewing their business plan and marketing materials and providing the recommendations and services required to launch the project on-time and on-budget. It is essential for an entrepreneur or business visionary to have a little help (and education) on understanding the “wide world” of the internet. From design to search engine optimization I can  bring this expertise to the table.



Community Development:

I have taken part in numerous community development projects here in Nelson BC, as well as abroad both in a consultant role and production role. Initially working  with planning committees to brainstorm web strategies and project plans and transforming this dialogue into meaningful diagrams, documentation, and process. I also have experience coordinating the production of a large scale public sector and non-profit projects, managing all contractors, timelines and finances.