EGP Redesigned

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About This Project

4 years ago the Edible Garden Project was founded in Vancouver, we assisted with the identity & startup as well as a small website. Over the course of the last 4 years EGP has established itself as a organized and succesfull pilot project and asked us to work with the original website to create a dynamic and vibrant venue for communicating with the public online.

The Edible Garden Project required a complete integration of WordPress across their previous branding and web systems. Using these new open source tools, we where able to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective transition from a static website to a dynamic website which staff themselves can update. This is imperative for many NGO’s struggling to budget maintenance time for their web systems. As well as updating the architecture and programming of the website, we had a chance to add a little “zing” to the interface.

Website Features:

  • Galleries, Videos, and web content can be added through a comprehensive web administration.
  • User Commenting and moderation on post content
  • Flash / CSS integrated site theme
  • Slide down navigation menus
  • Google Analytics and Sitemaps implemented
  • 301 Redirect Application for managing redirects from old website
  • Contact & Registration forms
  • Dynamic Site Search

Aug 20, 2010