Equitours – vs 2.0

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About This Project

Travel around the world by horseback

Equitours, located in Dubois Wyoming, is an international adventure tourism organization delivering horse based riding tours around the world. I had the unique opportunity to work with company owners to project manage, design and develop a new web presence for the organization. This process involved examining and rebuilding not only the front end of the website but also the developing a new comprehensive trip management system to coordinate hundreds of trips and thousands of departures every year.

After the successful launch of the first Equitours website in 2013, we where excited to build on this good work and create a new, modern, mobile friendly website, with all of our newest bells and whistles included in the Trip.Press foundation.

Website Features:

  • Trip.Press implementation
  • Custom, high-performance WordPress theme
  • Video integration
  • Flexible front-end tour management
  • Responsive & mobile friendly
  • Booking integration & customization
  • Comprehensive Trip Management Tools
    • Availability Management
    • Departure Dates
    • Integrated Google Maps
    • Advanced Trip Options
    • Trip Photo Gallery
    • Consultant and Outfitter functionality
    • Destination -> Trip Integration
    • Advanced Trip Finder
  • Integrated Blog and publication features
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online newsletter creation
  • Advanced SEO strategies

Feb 15, 2020

My Role

My personal favourite and most successful website to-date. I assist with managing web marketing for Equitours on an ongoing basis. This website has also been our flagship for developing the newest Trip.Press foundation.

Skillsets Required

Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Web Development, Interface Design

Adventure Tourism
Launch Site