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About This Project

We are excited at the opportunity to be working with  Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine to redevelop their web presence. KMC is one of North America’s most coveted independent outdoor publications and a beautiful representation of our celebrated Nelson area.

Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine is comprised of editors, designers and artists people who know how to use the internet to publish information. Our primary goal was to integrate a complete CMS back-end and publishing platform behind the new website that would allow this staff to contribute to the website on an ongoing basis.

Second to the “publishing” components of this project establishing a dialogue with Google was also an essential requirement. Using 301 redirects, Analytics, and dynamic google sitemaps, we where able to open this communication with Google and improve response time and overall rankings.

Website Features:

  • Photo galleries and video integration are integrated into the CMS
  • Custom page templates for magazine display and editorial content
  • Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps integrated with dynamic content.
  • 301 Redirect Application for managing redirects from old website
  • Dynamic Site Search

Feb 10, 2010