SQx Dance Company

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About This Project

SQx Dance Company is an international organization specializing in education & performance in Canada and abroad. Working with Carmen Moreira, and an extensive collection of beautiful photos we designed and customized a new website for the organization showcasing blog content as well as a portfolio of performances.

In addition to creating a marketing front-end this website was built as a storefront to showcase educational programs, registration and scheduling for those programs. “Behind-the-scenes” admin tools provide comprehensive tracking and management of ticket purchases and course registrations. The website is also integrate with the Moneris gateway allowing seamless payment processing between the website and CC provider.

This was one of your new projects using the “visual composer” wordpress tool, which gives content administrators some advanced tools for editing and creating formatting right in the page content area. You’ll notice that many of the pages in the site look like custom templates, however these are completely editable via web administration. Working with the SQx team we provided the samples, training and support to build custom layouts for many pages across the site.

Website Features

  • Custom WordPress Front-end
  • Shopping Cart System
  • Event / Venue Management
  • Ticket management system
  • Integration with Moneris merchant Gateway
  • Grid Blog

Jan 29, 2016

My Role

Create a new web presence for SQx Dance company showcasing blog content, events, and performances. Plan and develop a comprehensive cart, event, and ticket management system to register program attendees.

Skillsets Required

Branding / Web Development / Ecommerce / Strategic Planning

Launch Site