I live in British Columbia, Canada.

20 years of experience in the industry

Since 2000, I’ve been working full-time in the industry, as a web developer and interface designer. Over the course of my career, I’ve developed a diversity of real world experience working on all kinds of projects with all kinds of clients. From permanent positions at design firms, to public sector, as well as developing my own client base over the last decade, I enjoy working in a diversity of industries.

I the Internet

I really love what I do. Designing and creating beautiful
interfaces for an audience is my creative inspiration.

Professional collaborator

Even though I manage my own company, I’m more than happy working under a project leader, and with fellow team members to collectively bring a project to fruition. I am also very committed to the professionalism it requires to complete high-caliber work and maintain healthy (and ongoing) relationships with clients. I am also dedicated to fulfilling the hours required by the projects I take on, and will forgo other opportunities in order to get work completed on time and too specification.

75% nerd / 25% ski bum

Although I spend a lot of time on the computer, getting out of doors and hiking, snowboarding, camping, or kayaking is very important to me. This has been a valuable asset, when working on Eco-Tourism and Adventure Tourism based projects, as I have a deep love for British Columbia and our country, Canada, and this comes out in my design. As well, I have on numerous occasions accompanied my clients on trips and expeditions to create photojournalism productions for the web.