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Project planning

Understanding the unique needs of each organization is vital to success

  1. Our planning process begins with several meetings to determine the organizations needs
  2. Developing featured requirements
  3. Sitemap & site structure planning
  4. Inventory of content resources
  5. Audience / demographic / market research
  6. Planning site conversion strategy and consumer end-points
  7. Mapping complex product requirements and shopping processes
  8. Lead generation strategy
  9. Creating clear, measurable goals to understand ROI

Technical analysis

Planning robust web technology

  1. Recommendations on hosting platform and server environment
  2. Reviewing bandwidth and traffic requirements
  3. Thorough inventory of existing web systems
  4. Creating an inventory of plugins, extensions or visual themes required
  5. Review of existing website performance
  6. Reviewing 3rd party marketing integration and dependencies (Google, facebook, instagram, mailchimp)
  7. Planning requirements and integration between core tech systems (CRM, Basecamp, Sales Force, reservation systems, external API's)

Interface design

Capturing a beautiful aesthetic

  1. Creating meaningful and beautiful interface design to represent your brand
  2. Coordinating the design process and approval with stakeholders
  3. Presenting a clear vision of web functionality, audience experience and user flow
  4. Designing a unique and custom aesthetic tailored to the needs of the project
  5. Creating a compelling and usable content experience with the consumer in mind

SEO strategy

"White hat" strategies for ranking well in Google

  1. SEO analysis & Analytics review
  2. Google placement analysis and recommendations
  3. Keyword research & competition analysis
  4. Implementing SEO plugins and configuring website based on findings from planning
  5. Setup of Google analytics and Google webmaster tools
  6. Google XML sitemap creation and submission
  7. Implementing SEO strategy following build-out of website

Front-end development

Responsive, accessible, and forward compatible

  1. RAD (Rapid application development) methodology
  2. Building out interface into CSS / HTML / PHP templating
  3. Utilizing the newest in Wordpress etiquette and coding practices
  4. Building user interaction features utilizing jQuery
  5. Planning, building and testing responsive scalability
  6. Build out of mobile specific interface elements
  7. Integration and customization of dynamic features
  8. Tailoring user experience and shopping processes

Back-end Development

Integrated systems built into your website

  1. Setting up and configuring server environments
  2. Creating intranet, internal applications and sales tools
  3. Developing e-learning and teaching platforms
  4. Integrating web systems across various aspects of an organization's IT habitat
  5. Designing automation and processing of data between systems
  6. Developing A - B - C technology solutions
  7. Creating user portals and communication channels between audience groups
  8. Organizing user permissions, content moderation, and content publishing systems
  9. Robust admin tools to manage complex inventory and shopping processes
  10. Building complex reporting and statistical measurement functionality


Bring your new website online with confidence

  1. Testing of all web components
  2. Performance benchmarking and refinement
  3. Responsive testing
  4. Testing all 3rd party dependencies
  5. Testing all data end-points and lead generation
  6. Testing API functionality and automated processes

Performance optimization

Improve the speed and delivery of your web presence

  1. Optimizing Wordpress setup & server configuration
  2. Adjusting theme and plugin configuration
  3. Optimizing, compressing and minifying scripts
  4. Image optimization and configuration
  5. Accessibility and semantic improvements
  6. Responsive and mobile performance review
  7. Implementing CDN services and server side caching

Ongoing marketing

Utilize your website to curate and publish regular content

  1. Developing a content strategy
  2. Email marketing campaigns
  3. Social media integration
  4. Consulting on ROI and campaign effectiveness
  5. Working with marketing teams to create beautiful and engaging web content
  6. Training staff to use the website to publish regular content

Web maintenance

Keep your website running smoothly

  1. Implementing a proper backup process
  2. Regularly updating Wordpress core and plugins
  3. Maintaining Wordpress theme and proofing updates
  4. Maintaining development environment in collaboration with the IT or hosting team
  5. Ensuring website is compatible with the newest LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


Protect your website

  1. Setting up and configuring SSL keys (https://)
  2. Hardening websites to malware and bot attacks
  3. Managing Sucuri setup, reporting and services
  4. Assisting with broken or corrupted websites
  5. Preventing and resolving issues with SPAM
  6. Site monitoring, keeping the site secure, addressing emerging vulnerabilities as they may arise

3rd party management

Monitoring and maintaining integration with external services

  1. Monitoring Google technologies such as GWMT, Analytics, and Adwords
  2. Keeping appraised of changes in 3rd-party dependencies such as Google API's, ConstantContact, Mailchimp, Instagram, Facebook, jQuery, Font libraries, ect...
  3. Coordinating with reservation, POS, e-commerce and transaction providers to ensure the website follows the newest code practices

Subscription management

Renewing and maintaining software licensing

  1. Organizing the yearly subscriptions to plugin, themes and online fees.
  2. Maintaining serial numbers, CC information and activation across all subscription based components.
  3. Coordinating with reservation, POS, e-commerce and transaction providers to ensure the website follows the newest code practices