Key standards considered in every project

Strategic Planning

The design of a website should clearly capture and articulate the marketing goals and objective of the organization. This requires a thorough planning phase involving the creation of concise and measurable marketing goals for the website.

Return on Investment

My recommendations and strategies are based on providing return on investment in the form of increased traffic to the website, ranking well in Google, as well as user stay and user experience.

Content is King

I believe “content is king”, and so does Google. This is why we undergo a thorough training and content requirements process, ensuring our client’s can edit all aspects of their website and keep the site looking great with new content following launch.

Responsive First

The build out of web presence should be accessible and responsive. This involves the thoughtful and thorough deployment of the web presence across not just PC, but tablet and smart phone devices as well.

Google Friendly

My development process closely follows Google’s best practices and “white hat” etiquette to maximize SEO placement in the Google search engine right “out-of-the-box.”

Maintenance is Key

Following launch, a website should be properly maintained and supported to ensure the website stays up-to-date, secure and looking beautiful.

Throw away the cookie cutters, and create your own dish!

I provide fully customized web solutions that meet all of the project requirements to specification. Although I love and use WordPress as an Open Source foundation,  from a design and web development perspective the website’s I build are hand-crafted to meet the need’s of my clients. From designing the website interface itself in from scratch in Photoshop, to heavily customizing the WordPress foundation, I think of WordPress as a starting point for each project, rather then then end product.  These values are essential to maintaining a high standard of website works, as well as delivering highly tailored web solutions customized to meet the needs of the each project.

What happens after launch?

The Internet is a constantly evolving technical environment and keeping your website up to date and “tuned-up” requires several strategies. From changing search algorithms to site scripting changes, security enhancements to avoid malware and hacking to browser site loading issues, it is paramount that you have a cutting-edge technical team available to support you, making sure your site is up to speed with current online trends. As well as maintaining the site following launch, I can assist your organization with creating a content calendar, reviewing Google Analytics, improving SEO as well as training staff to edit the website itself.

Having worked in the industry since 1999, I have a diverse range of experience covering all aspects of web development. From interface and functionality to SEO and accessibility, a broad knowledge is essential to creating a well built website that will serve your organization into the future. If your interested in working with a dynamic and experienced web professional get in touch.