Key standards I consider mandatory for every website project

Throw away the cookie cutters, and create your own dish!

I provide fully customized web solutions that meet all of the project requirements to specification. Although I love and use WordPress as an Open Source foundation,  from a design and web development perspective the website’s I build are hand-crafted to meet the need’s of my clients. From designing the website interface itself in from scratch in Photoshop, to heavily customizing the WordPress foundation, I think of WordPress as a starting point for each project, rather then then end product.  These values are essential to maintaining a high standard of website works, as well as delivering highly tailored web solutions customized to meet the needs of the each project.

What happens after launch?

The Internet is a constantly evolving technical environment and keeping your website up to date and “tuned-up” requires several strategies. From changing search algorithms to site scripting changes, security enhancements to avoid malware and hacking to browser site loading issues, it is paramount that you have a cutting-edge technical team available to support you, making sure your site is up to speed with current online trends. As well as maintaining the site following launch, I can assist your organization with creating a content calendar, reviewing Google Analytics, improving SEO as well as training staff to edit the website itself.

Having worked in the industry since 1999, I have a diverse range of experience covering all aspects of web development. From interface and functionality to SEO and accessibility, a broad knowledge is essential to creating a well built website that will serve your organization into the future. If your interested in working with a dynamic and experienced web professional, give me a call.