Web Design & Development Process

Although each project has unique requirements, I employ a common strategy to stay organized and on-track. Learn a bit more about my process for creating successful websites.

1. Planning

Through a comprehensive planning and needs assessment process, it is my job to learn about your marketing goals for the future and detail strategy and recommendations to meet these goals. Learn more about my experience as a web consultant.

2. Design

Building on the strategy formed in the planning phase we will start on creative and produce the necessary compositions for the team’s review. Initial designs will act as a foundation for ‘look and feel’ as we start on build-out. Learn more about my experience as a web and interface designer.

3. Foundation Setup

This is a crucial step involving the setup of our software environment for the website, required databases and software configuration, as well as setup of any outside API systems interfacing with the website.

4. Development

Where everything comes together, the development process. We will develop all of the required web software stylized according to our approved design concepts. All software customization and features will also be completed.

5. Testing & Launch

Nothing is posted without scrutiny – on our part and yours. Here we cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Software is tested thoroughly across a range of browsers, resolutions, and devices.