Ongoing Website Management

Regular site maintenance is vital to the health and functionality of your website.

The internet is a constantly evolving technical environment and keeping your website up to date and ‘tuned-up’ requires several strategies. From changing search algorithms to site scripting changes, security enhancements to avoid malware and hacking to browser site loading issues, it is paramount that you have a cutting-edge technical team available to support you, making sure your site is up to speed with current technical trends.


As well as these technical considerations, I can also assist with the coordination and succesfull publication of new content to the website and related social media channels. This can require the creation of a content calendar, and management of an ongoing content schedule. I consider Google in all things related to content and excel in the management of keyword strategies, analyzing sites using statistical data, and improving the overall search engine viability of a website.


Assembled below is a group of website performance services specifically targeted around keeping your website running smoothly into the future. Also included are suggestions on what features should be considered required, and others which are optional should require you my assistance with ongoing marketing of the website.



  1. WordPress Version Maintenance
  2. Site Hosting & Optimization of Site Setup
  3. Site Performance Tracking and Analysis



  1. Management of Hosting Environment
  2. Ongoing training for Staff
  3. Email & Domain Management
  4. Beta / Development Site Management
  5. Monitoring of Google Webmaster Tools

Ongoing Marketing


  1. Optimization of new content
  2. Assisting with Social Media marketing
  3. Formatting and creating beautiful blog posts
  4. SEO & Google Optimization