Buddypress – Your very own online community

Buddypress – Your very own online community

What is Buddypress?

“Social networking, in a box” ~ Buddypress is a plug-in for WordPress that adds several major front-end and administrative components to a website. Similar to a private Facebook,¬† Buddypress is a great foundation to begin creating your own online community. Members of the website can post content, videos and commentary within groups, friend each other, send private messages, and invite others to join the community. Upon this foundation we can customize the setup, functionality and front-end GUI to suit any need.

What are the main benefits of implementing Buddypress on your website?

  1. Nurturing connecting between users of your website with ‘friending’ , messaging and customized activity streams.
  2. Cultivating good quality conversation within your community by dividing conversation into relevant ‘groups’ which members can join.
  3. Buddypress  integrates seamlessly into the WordPress foundation, allowing an organization to have a complete front-end website for non-members.
  4. Unlike Facebook, you have control over all of your sites interactions, content, and private  user data, with no advertising or 3rd party dependencies.

How can I check out Buddypress?

For more information about Buddypress, check out the Buddypress website. If your interested in setting up your own online community, please contact me or visit the website questionnaire.