Web Developer

Specializing in custom, responsive, accessible, high-performance websites.

Hand Crafted Websites

I specialize in web development and hard-core web coding. Web development is the science of bringing an interface design to life in an engaging and most importantly ACCESSIBLE web experience. Creating this experience through the medium of the internet my most important skill-set when it comes to web development.

Utilizing the newest technologies

An ongoing and ever changing challenge is to address the diverse range of browsers, resolutions, and systems accessing the internet by adhering to strict testing and code building process. At the same time, exploring new mediums in web technologies that deliver a fast and sophisticated user experience.

The design of a website should never be limited, I believe in giving the design process free reign to explore unique and dynamic interface concepts.

Key Qualifications and Standards

  • Expert at leveraging open source software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla
  • A thorough background in programming (PHP, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML)
  • Familiar with common W3C standards working with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Strategic with SEO recommendations and website build out prior to launch
  • Thorough understanding of designing for various browsers, resolutions, and operating systems
  • Accessible website implementation that work across all media devices including mobile.
  • Up to date on best practices and emerging techniques
  • Strong graphic design experience
  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate and train technical concepts
  • Ability to cultivate a deeper understanding of the business’s marketing goals as well as other marketing initiatives
  • Most importantly an ability to deliver return on investment


  • HTML / HTML 5
  • CSS / CSS 3
  • PHP
  •  JQuery
  • Javascript
  • JSON request
  • XML / RSS
  • MySQL
  • GIT / SSH
  • ASP
  • MS SQL

Collaborative Methods

If you are a design firm looking to contract the website or interface portion of your marketing project, I would relish the opportunity to meet a new collaborative firm in the industry and help bring their marketing concepts to fruition. If you are interested in working with me on a web development project please contact me.