Kootenay Career Development Society (KCDS) is a non-profit society that provides a variety of career development and employment services to the communities of the Kootenays.

Initially designed in .NET SQL, we have recently launched a new website for KCDS redesigned in PHP / mySQL / WordPress. Stealing all of the  functionality, interface, and structure from our original application, we rebuilt the entire intranet / front-end website  in a more modern robust language and database type. This also allowed us to take advantage of all the great WordPress features and “plug-in” a diversity of upgrades very easily, as well as providing a complete content management system that sits behind the site pages.

For the staff at KCDS this new website has become a fun and exciting venue in which to publish content , For me it has been an exciting challenge resulting in a clear understanding of the deeper layers of the WordPress foundation.


  • With this new website, the real magic happens with “dashboards”. For both clients and employers, once they register, they are brought to their “dashboard”.
  • Articles, Workshops and Resources are delivered strategically online and feature rich post content with videos, image galleries and downloadable content.
  • Employers can also post and manage jobs within their dashboard adding to the front-end job board.