ThoughtHeap 3 is a project management and business management tool, for tracking and managing your daily life as a freelancer. This web based application, built using the WordPress core, assists with organizing client information, project details, note entries, invoices, payments, expenses and year-end reporting. Thoughtheap 3 brings all of these elements together into a comprehensive and fun-to-use web interface.

Managing projects, time spent, invoices, and finances within your organization can be a daunting task,  especially considering the diversity of applications offered both on desktop and online.   As a business owner or employee, how can you avoid needing to go to several places just to track and manage your daily operations? In the past, building your own business management application was a time consuming and expensive process. Now, with the power of WordPress at your disposal you can design an intranet system around the needs of your business… not the other way around

There are several excellent applications on the market such as Basecamp by 37signals. Although these proprietary products have helped many organizations, they lacked the ability to really customize both design and functionality. This was the inspiration behind Thoughtheap 3… a fully customizable web based project management solution.

As an interface designer, the users’ “click” experience is everything. Being able to easily understand the myriad of day-to-day tasks and efficiently create daily work logs, is a challenge that every freelancer has to deal with many times a day. Tracking and managing notes can be a very tedious process, this is why customizing the interface and making data entry not only easy but fun was an essential part the new ThoughtHeap 3 interface.

Although this particular deployment is tailored towards freelance designers and developers, the point of the custom intranet foundation is to allow customization for any organization or business. This web application combines the best of both worlds, a fully customizable structure and interface with the power of WordPress 3.0 compatibility. This allows organizations to create, track and manage projects, but also showcase various aspects of these projects on their public website.

For more information about building a custom intranet for your business, please contact me.