Larkin Street Youth

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About This Project

Creating a new website for Larkin Street

Larkin Street was founded in 1984 by a group of local business owners, church members, and neighbors who were concerned by the rising number of young people engaging in risky behaviors on the streets of San Francisco. With 25 comprehensive youth service programs located throughout San Francisco in over 15 sites, Larkin Street Youth Services is now an internationally recognized model successfully integrating housing, education, employment and health services to get homeless and at-risk kids off the streets.

We had the pleasure of working with Nicole Garroutte and Annie Ellicott to develop a new web presence for Larkin Street Youth. Working from the old website, we implemented a new responsive theme and customized several aspects of the website:

Key Features:

  • Calendar of Events
  • Job Board
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Facebook Integrated

Jan 16, 2014

My Role

Role: Assisting to create and implement a web marketing strategy for the organization, streamlining posting to the website, and managing event information.

Skillsets Required

Web Marketing / Design / Web Development

Launch Site