Wild Earth Adventures

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About This Project

Wild Earth Adventures is dynamic and exciting adventure travel company in Bella Coola. Our mandate was to build a new website which captured both the beauty of the trips, and the culture of the Wild Earth Adventures organization.  Showcasing the companies beautiful trips was easy give the fantastic photography and content we had to work with.  It was also vital that this website was able to capture and improve upon the great Search Engine Optimization work already completed on the previous website.

Website Features

  • Comprehensive CMS for all page  and blog content
  • Gallery and Video management
  • Custom Admin for trip management, trip details, and trip dates & prices
  • Dynamic import of all blogger content
  • Redirection application to satisfty Google on site change over
  • Custom template for Book reservation form
  • Numerous custom templates for category, trip , and post display
  • Contact Forms

Nov 09, 2010

Adventure Tourism
Launch Site