Migrate your business applications online

Migrate your business applications online

Evolution of the Intranet

The traditional Internet hails from the era where the majority of sharing and file management within an organization was setup on a local network using a myriad of traditional business management software. Organizations and their processes where isolated to a physical location, and required staff to be at their desk to share resources, manage accounts, and track projects.

Then along comes the Internet

The Internet has provided an amazing venue for organizations to move these processes to an online environment where staff can contribute and share anytime… anywhere.  As well as the foundation of the internet itself new technology platforms such as WordPress and Drupal have enabled rapid web development and deployment of these customized intranet systems for individual organizations.

Examples of how a custom online intranet will enhance your business:

  • Access the inner workings of your business from a secure online administration
  • Manage clients & contact information
  • Manage staff and staff access to intranet
  • Manage online project database integrated with public website
  • Track and manage notes and time on each project
  • Manage team roles and team involvement by project
  • Create and track invoices
  • Track and manage payments and expenses for each project
  • Display Yearly and Quarterly reports
  • Display Daily Dashboard priority items
  • Integrate Google with Calendars and Gmail